Queen Crew

Here is a list of famous people from Queen Crew. I never seen something like this on the internet and think Queen fans must to know their names. They are talented people also should not be forgotten.
If anyone have an additional information on them or photos please send it to me.
Thanks a lot to Peter Hince - Queen roadie and great photographer - for exclusive photos and information.

Berlin westside wall 'hooligans' (1978): Bob 'Seawolf' (Stage set carpenter 1977 - 1978), Peter Hince, Brian 'Nudger' Spencer (Monitor mixer 1975 - 1979), Chris Taylor, Trip Khalaf, Richie Anderson. Photo courtesy by Peter Hince

Anderson, Richie (Big Rich)
Brians Roadie (1975 - 1978)
Now working with computers in the UK

Anthony, John
Producer and sound engineer (1969 - 1974)

Baker, Roy Thomas
Producer (1971 - 1979)

Beach, Jim (Miami)
Business manager (1975 - present time)
Still Queen manager

Brown, Pete
Co-ordinator, assistant (1975 - 1979)
Left Queen in 1979 to manage comedy acts and some musicians - he was very succesful but tragicaly died in the early nineties.

Collins, John (Collie)
Truck driver (1982 - 1986)
Recruited for Queen Crew by Ratty. Spent many years working for Eric Clapton and now lives in Arizona USA

Devenney, Jim (Mary)
Queen sound monitor engineer (1978 - 1986)
Still working for Clair Brothers Audio in US as sound consultant and installation advisor

Dolezal, Rudi
Queen promos director (1985 - present time)
photo - url
Still director and producer

Edney, Spike (The Duke)
Keyboards on Queen concerts (1984 - 1986)
photo - url
Touring with Brian May and his own Spike All Star Band

Fannelli, Joe (Liza)
Band assistant ( ... - 1991)

Fisher, Morgan
Keyboards on Queen concerts (1981 - 1982)
Living in Japan

Freestone, Peter (Phoebe)
Wardrobe assistant, Freddie's personal assistant (1979 - 1991)
Have a hotel in the UK

Giddings, Terry
Freddie's security and driver (1984 - 1991)
Now working for top businessmen as driver

Glover, Julie
Queen productions, Brians manager (early 80's - 1999)
No longer works for Brian but with her husband who is involved in the music Biz

Goldsmith, Harvey
Queen promoter (1985 - 1986)

Gowers, Bruce
Early Queen promos director (1972 - 1976)

Gray, Richard
Queen art director and photographer (1986 - present time)
Still in design and photography

Gunn (Smith), Jacky
Fan club secretary (1982 - present time)
photo - url
Still Queen Fan Club secretary

Harris, John
Sound engineer, assistant (1969 - 1979)
John Harris was taken seriously ill at the end of the 1977 US winter tour and replaced by Trip Khalf. He returned for the 1979 UK crazy tour but after that parted company with Queen. He is believed to have returned to teaching.

Hince, Peter (Ratty)
Roadie, photographer (1973 - 1985)
photo - url
First worked with Queen on the 1973 'Mott the Hoople tour'. Was offered a job in 74 but joined full time in 75 during the recording of 'Night at the opera'. Left Queen Productions in 1985 to start career in photography. Was convinced by Fred to do the final magic tour in 1986 as a freelance. Now a sucesfull photographer and soon to be best selling writer!

Hyatt, Sally
Administrative assistant
Now working now for Roger Taylor

John, Phil
Rogers roadie (1975 - )
Has antiques and shop display business in London

Khalaf, James (Trip)
Sound engineer, producer (1977 - present time)
Trip Khalf was the head sound engineer for 'Clair brothers' - Queens sound company and first toured with Queen in the first 77 US tour. He became Queens live sound engineer (as a freelance) and continued until the final 86 tour. He also was the engineer and tour manager for Brian May. Still works freelance as sound engineer for top acts.

Mack, Rheinhold
Producer, sound engineer (1980 - 1986)
photo - url
Mack lives in Los Angeles and still works as a record producer and engineer

Mallet, David
Queen promos director (1984 - 1992)
Still film director

Mandel, Fred
Keyboards on Queen concerts (1982)
Still lives in Los Angeles and is in demand as a top session player.

Meade, Roxy
Press representative

Metcalf, Kevin
Sound engineer

Moran, Mike
Queen and Freddies co-author (1987 - 1991)

Moseley, Diana
Costumes designer (1984 - 1991)

Nelson, Jack
U.S. promoter(1972 - 1975)
Still managing bands

Prenter, Paul
Personal manger, coordination (1977 - 1986)
Dead (1991)

Preston, Neal
Queen photographer
photo - url
Lives in Los Angeles and still takes pictures

Puddifoot, Douglas
Photographer (1970 - 1974)
BBC head cameraman

Reid, John
Queen manager (1975 - 1978)
Was famous for managing Elton John. No longer manages Elton but recently was the producer of 'The Graduate' - a play in Londons west end about the famous sixties film with dustin Hoffman. Kathleen Turner played 'Mrs Robinson' and has now been replaced by Jerry Hall. The play is an enormous success and still running.

Rhodes, Zandra
Costumes designer (1972 - 1976)
Still one of the top dress designers

Richards, David
Queen Producer (1979 - 1996)
Owner of Montain Studios

Rock, Mick
Photographer (1973 - 1975)

Rossaher, Hannes
Queen promos producer (1985 - present time)
photo - url
He's still director and producer

Sheffield, Barry
Boss of Trident Productions (1972 - 1975)

Sheffield, Norman
Boss of Trident Productions (1972 - 1975)
Director of computer company

Shirley-Smith, Justin
Sound engineer, producer
Working together with Brian May

Stickells, Gerry (Uncle Grumpy)
Queen tour manager (1976 - 1992)
He was Queens Tour manager from 76 until 86. He did every tour and his 'GLS Productions' office in Los Angeles was Queens 'unofficial' US office. Currently still living in LA and in semi retirement after a surprise party held in April 99 in San Francisco. Party was hosted by Steve Miller, who Gerry has worked for and known since the sixties and his time with Jimi Hendrix. Many of Queens old Crew, production people etc attended. Brian May was the only member of Queen to attend and played with Steve Miller and his band.

Stone, Mike
Sound engineer and producer

Taylor, Chris (Crystal)
Roger's personal assistant, band coordinator (1979 - 1986)
Now lives in Australia and has his own gardening business.

Taylor, Gavin
Queen film director (1985 - 1992)

Wells, John (Tunbridge)

Young, Richard
Queen photographer
Still in photo business

Zellis, Brian (Jobby)
Guitar technician, computer programming (1978 - 1993)
Out of business. Heard to be doing something with the Internet

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